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1 If it were the case that my pictures represented something specific, I would have given them descriptive titles.

2 If it were the case that I wished to direct the viewer’s thoughts in the direction of one particular interpretation at the expense of another, then I might again have made use of titles.

3 If it were the case that there was no idea behind what I was doing, I would not have a basis for making more pictures beyond the first copy in the series.

4 If it were the case that I fully understood the scope of this idea or that it was in the nature of this idea that it could be expressed at once, then I would be able to create the one image that inexhaustibly expressed it all at once.

5 If it was the case that with this one picture I could inexhaustibly express it all at once, I would no longer have had any reason to make more.

6 If the meaning were clear, it would no longer make sense.